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The Only Smart

MinerDude X12 XTREME 12 GPU SMART MINING RIG – 3600W – 120-240V


The Minerdude X12 cryptocurrency mining rig includes everything except the GPUs to start mining.

  • Intel G1840 CPU, 2.8Ghz Dual Core
  • 3600W total power supply (3x1200W Hot Swap Server Power Supplies – Refurbished 1 Year Warranty)
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM (32GB MAX)
  • 60GB SSD (expand up to 3x SATA DRIVE)
  • MINERDUDE HARDWARE WATCHDOG & SMART FAN CONTROLLER (automatic fan speed control, automatic system reboot, status LED’s, OLED display with system info)
  • BOSCH ENVIRONMENTAL SENSOR (Air pressure, temperature and humidity readings on both inlet and temperature for exhaust air)
  • HiveOS PRE INSTALLED (Supports SMOS / MSOS / Kudo / Hive) Windows as well but depends on your version
  • UNIT DIMENSIONS: 35.5in x 15.75in x 7in
  • SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 38in x 21in x 10in
  • WEIGHT: 53Lbs

TRI POWER CABLE IS INCLUDED! 3 x C13 to 1 x C20 (You will need a c-19 to whatever your outlet is cable – OR use 3 x C13 to your outlet)


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1.) There will be a 3% convenience charge for cc.
2.) due to the amount of fraud in this industry. if you pay with cc you will be emailed a paid invoice with instructions to submit a copy of your dl / id / military id etc. to validate who you say you are as well as the shipping address must go to the address on the id.  if you do not agree to these terms do not use cc option!  no exceptions!

GPU's Not Included!

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The Only Smart


Next Gen Mining Rig

Built for Efficiency

Ethereum Hashrate

1850W - 821MH/S

Power consumption may vary up to 3% depending on exact GPUs used and miner settings. 1850W Power Reading is actual accurate reading from the wall. Our smart power supply system provides accurate total power consumption readings from the rig.

Designed For Large Scale

Blockchain Deployments

Clean and High Quality

  • Power delivery

18AWG Cables

  • 24X PCIE 6+2P Connectors


  • 60.96mm GPU To GPU

Compatible with All

  • Triple Slot Width GPUs

Enterprise Grade Power Delivery

Smart Power
Supply telemtry features:

  • Monitor PSU input and exhaust temperature
  • Monitor and control PSU fan speed
  • Monitor PSU 12V output voltage
  • Monitor PSU AC input voltage
  • Monitor power consumption
Smart power supply telemtry readout example:

*All 3 Power Supplies have their individual READOUT.
Above example shows READOUT for single PSU.

94% Efficiency enterprise grade how swap power supply (Up to 3x 1200W, Total 3600W)

*Optional 277V Upgrade possible (3x 1400w 27V for Combined 4200W Total)

Certified Power Supplies

*Minerdude X12ULTRA only UL listed and fully CE certified power supplies.

Compatible with RTX 3090

  • Maximum 330w Per GPU
  • 1 Year International warranty

High Quality
Power Delivery

140x38MM Fans, High Airflow & Efficiency

High Performance & long lifespan fans

  • Minerdude ventus fans with hight static pressure and CFM for increased airflow and optimal cooling performance.
  • Heavy duty ROHS certified plastic blades and housing.
  • Optimized PCB and motor design (Up to 20% more efficient).
  • Improved reliability and heat dissipation due to thick copper PCB.
  • Reliable Japanese NMB double ball bearings for increased lifespan.
  • High precision and efficiency PWM modulation speed control.
  • 140X38MM size provides higher airflow and efficiency and also lower noise.

Environmental Data

Temperature - Humidity - Air Pressure

Take full control of your environment. Precise and fast Environmental Data helps keep your hardware safe from extreme conditions and helps maintain optimal cooling settings for the case fans.

Save on electricity and keep your hardware cool!

Environmental Sensor technical Specifications

configurable OLED Display

Customisable front panel OLED screen integration that displays all the major data from the rig, mining algorithm, hashrate, IP, MAC Address, power consumption, bad shares, fan speed, temperature.

Smart hardware watchdog & fan controller

Full integration with any mining OS allows the smart fan controller & hardware watchdog to automatically regulate the case fan speed based on the environmental readings to keep the GPU temperatures in the optimal zone. It is possible to choose the “optimal temperature” range in the mining OS and set the minimum RPM and lock the fans into a set RPM using the manual adjustment. The hardware watchdog will reboot a frozen rig automatically after the microcontroller detects that the rig has frozen and needs a reboots.

Smart Configurable LED’s
Let our smart hardware do the work for you!

Full hardware &
Software Integration

One of a kind software and hardware integration help boost profits, minimize rig downtime, Save on electricity, and in general reduces the time and manpower needed for large farm Management

  • Full control over case fan speed
  • Automatic case fan rpm adjustment based on GPU core and memory temperatures.
  • Full power supply telemetry readout and integration
  • Accurate power consumption and voltage readings
  • Debug led (4 different color led’s on the front of the rig) To help quickly and efficiently find, detect and troubleshoot problematic rigs.
  • Full environmental data readout per each rig. Input temperature, exhaust, humidity and exhaust temperature.
  • MinerDude smart hardware watchdog integration does automatic reboots on frozen and crashed rigs.
  • Front panel oled screen integration that displays all the major data from the rig. Hashrate, ip, mac address, power consumption, bad shares, fan speed and temperature.

Smart Feature Integration with all the major mining os’s

Integration example
for X8Ultra Plus

  • Minerdude autofan will regulate the case input fan speed to keep the GPU core and memory temperatures in the Optimal range. Possible to sent the minimum and maximum speed limiters.
  • Monitor the individual speed of all 5 case fans. Detect if any of them have failed or are out of spec.
  • Monitor accurate power draw from the wall. MinerDude rigs in Hive OS display the actual power draw from the wall, not the estimated power draw of GPUs combined.
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